On Strawberry we have done some of the most comprehensive studies with some of the leading Universities.

The results are not only important for strawberry production, but for all crops.

The leading Universities and USDA documents that the uptake of nutrient is impacted very positively by using Vesta.

Actually the Vesta treated took up 25% more Nitrogen than the not treated and around 15% more Carbon – and it has also a positive effect on other nutrients.

See the pictures of the amazing difference, and it is obviously that the yield was much higher on the Vesta treated. Also read the two summaries of the reports – one on the positive effect of Vesta in the microbial community and the other about the uptake of nutrients.

Vesta strawberry nutrient fluxes
Strawberry veg west

Treated with Vesta


The only difference between the strawberry plants on the pictures to the left compared to the strawberry plants to the right, is that the ones on the left have got VESTA in addition to the normal fertilizer program.

Not treated with Vesta


All the strawberry plants (left and right column) have been planted at the same time under same conditions and are the same variety.

Treated with Vesta


This field test was under the control of the cooperation between Stanford and Berkley Universities and USDA under I-Cultiver. There were made several tests 4 times during growing season.

Not treated with Vesta


There were made both DNA sequencing tests as well as nutrition tests in the soil, in the horizon and in the actual crop. You can not only see the big difference on the photo, but there were significant differences in the tests as well.

Treated with Vesta


The tests were done during 2015 in California.

Not treated with Vesta


Vesta is today used on several thousand HA of strawberry.

Treated with Vesta


Not treated with Vesta