Get better yield, better quality and reduce diseases

VESTA provides a natural proven technology to optimize and re-establish Soil Microbiology, increasing the uptake of nutrients by the crop and strengthen the crops immune system.

What we do

SOBEC® is an acronym for Soluble Organic Biological Extracts and Colloids.

Our premium product, VESTA®, that is sold in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) is a multi-dimensional product that contain a diverse microbial population, microbial metabolites, soluble (short chain) humus and humic material derived by a natural (non-chemical) proprietary method.

The benefits of using VESTA® is many, specifically, better crop uniformity, better color, plant vigor and better quality and production. VESTA® demonstrate multiple modes of action. Some are: increased nutrient cycling efficiencies, better root growth, increased water and heat stress tolerance and restoring some of the natural microbial processes in soil that help crops reach their genetic potential in conventional as well as organically grown crop systems.