SOBEC’s premium product VESTA® is a multi-dimensional product that contain a diverse microbial population, microbial metabolites, soluble (short chain) humus and humic material derived by a natural (non-chemical) proprietary method.

VESTA® has more than 5.400 unique Microbes, which gives you the highest possible guarantee for a broad well working solution. This is important because the microbial complexity of the soil is huge, and that it should be possible to mimic and enhance the soil microbiology with a few microbes is unlikely.

The benefits of using VESTA® are many, specifically, better crop uniformity, better color, plant vigor and better quality and production.  VESTA® demonstrate multiple modes of action. Some are:  increased nutrient cycling efficiencies, better root growth, increased water and heat stress tolerance and restoring some of the natural microbial processes in soil that help crops reach their genetic potential in conventional as well as organically grown crop systems.

Our premium product VESTA has in trials and commercial applications consistently demonstrated its value. The benefits are:

  • improved harvest by quality and yield
  • stronger and more extensive root system
  • much better nutrient uptake by the crop
  • increases water and heat stress tolerance
  • increases the crop’s immune system and the resistance to adverse growing conditions

See our crops and reference cases

We have been doing research trials with some of the leading Universities to document and give an understanding of why it has worked so well. All of it has been documented.

These research trials were the most detailed and complex studies ever done on the direct influence microbial augmentation on plant physiology and performance. They were conducted by USDA and the Universities UC Berkeley Plant Gene Expression Center and the Carnegie Institute of Science at Stanford University. These studies have documented some of the benefits we list above. The entire studies can be read under Research and development.