Sovitae is working in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA).

Sovitae is working for better soil and plant health. We are looking at the whole picture and is not only delivering unique products. Our professional knowledge and expertise is coming to the benefit of the growers too.

Sovitae has an exclusive license and partnership with SOBEC Inc, USA to produce and market all their products in EMEA.
SOBEC Inc. has been in the market for more than 20 years and is one of the biggest producers of biostimulants with 3 factories in USA and another 2 factories in Australia.

The premium product is VESTA, and it is widely used on more than 70 different crops, as VESTA improves soil and crop microbiology to huge benefit to the growers.
Thanks to SOBEC´s premium product, VESTA, som of the biggest growers in the world continue to supply the best produce to the market.

Sovitae also has an exclusive license and partnership with Soil Basics, California, where especially the unique Helix micronutrients product range is important for growers

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Climate and The sustainable development goals

In Sovitae, we do not only work for the sustainable development goals but we are one of the means to achieve, namely SDG number 2 – Zero Hunger and SDG number 15 – Life on Land.

Following our concept, we revitalize the soil-plant system by different means including reduced use of nitrogen and reduced or eliminated use of fungicides, insecticides and

pesticides. Our growers gain better yield and profitability with less impact on the environment.

With the current move in the farming system toward microbial agriculture, we are happy to be among the first to make a huge positive impact on food production, minimum environmental impact and on sustainable development.