900 of California’s vineyards uses VESTA from SOBEC and has done it for years. The better nutrition uptake of the crop using VESTA gives higher yield and a much better grape quality.

A study by UC Davis shows that VESTA is depressing effect of Armillaria root disease. See the report here

The pictures are from a farm operating near Fresno, California. The farm have 200 HA of wine grapes, 20 HA of raisin-type grapes (Thompsons seedless). They have been using VESTA for many years as one of the more than 900 wine growers uses VESTA in California. See picture of their grapes from 2003.

At this farm in California they make grapes for raisins. The four pictures below are from 2012 and you can easily see the difference between the grapes that are VESTA treated and the not treated.

Treated with VESTA


The only difference between the pictures to the left and the pictures to the right, is that the ones to the left have got VESTA and the ones to the right have not. In addition to this they have both been following the exact same nutrition program.

Not treated with VESTA


The test was done in 2012, and the yield and quality was dramatically higher in the VESTA treated.





Treated with VESTA

Another case of the benefits of VESTA is seen on table grapes in a farm in Murcia, Spain from September 2022. The VESTA treated table grapes had a just below 10% increase in diameter size compared to the not treated.

Not treated with VESTA

Furthermore the VESTA treated table grapes had much longer grape clusters. In total the application of VESTA resulted in plus 20% yield in the VESTA treated table grapes.