The world’s largest grower of baby carrots (snack carrots) have been using VESTA for many years, and is now going 100% organic on all the 20.000 HA. After many years with SOBEC they took the decision to convert to 100% organic, because it was starting to get more effective from a cost benefit analysis, due to some of the results they have experienced during the years. One of them being that gravity spots was reduced considerably. See also the University report on how Vesta supports the microbial activity on carrots.

Part of the vicious circle of needing more and more nitrogen to get the same result is to increase efficiency. We grew 100 tons per HA carrots with only 2 kg –  yes two kg of nitrogen. 

In the carrot study, VESTA replaces microbes in the rhizosphere and endosphere with microbes that run the nitrogen cycle more efficiently. Transport of nitrogen is one of the answers and we have been long convinced microbes drive the transport.

See the study.

On potatoes we have been doing a 3 year study with the university of Idaho on one of the biggest potato farms in California.

First of all we stopped the fungus diseases. Secondly the quality of the potatoes increased. Instead of having 80% of the potatoes classified as top level, they grew to have 98% of the potatoes classified as top level. This was very positive to the grower, who increased his bottom line considerably.